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What causes human hair extensions to vary in quality?

What causes human hair extensions to vary in quality?

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Human hair extensions are an excellent solution to achieving long, flowing, and natural-looking hair. But before getting extensions, it’s vital to know that these extra inches of hair come in different forms of grade and quality. As hair is a natural product that comes from various individuals, no two sets of hair extensions will be the same. Knowing which one suits you best will help you get the look you desire. We share the factors that cause the quality of human hair extensions to vary.

1. Price

When you buy hair extensions in NZ, you’ll quickly learn that you get the quality you pay for. Price varies greatly with hair extensions; synthetic hair extensions are a lot cheaper than high-quality and real human hair. More often than not, cheap synthetic hair will not blend as well with your own tresses compared to natural hair that offers fuller, natural-looking locks.

2. The type of hair used in extensions

The texture of your hair extension will also depend on the kind of hair used to create the hair extension itself. While there are synthetic options in the market, the most natural option for extensions is human hair. Reputable hair extension suppliers will give you three basic categories to choose from when shopping for human hair extensions:


Virgin hair extensions use hair that has never undergone chemical processes, treatments, or alterations in any way. This means no dyes, bleaches, or perms have been done after collection. Virgin hair is as natural of a hair extension option as one is ever going to get.


Also known as cuticle hair, Remy is healthy and non-processed human hair wherein each strand is carefully selected to ensure the cuticle remains intact. Remy hair runs in the same direction, allowing it to have a soft and silky texture. Remy extensions are also single-sourced, meaning the hair comes from a single person.

3. Grading

Grading is also important in determining the quality of your hair extensions. At Superior Hair, we have three different grades of virgin Remy hair extensions:

A Grade

A grade is medium-grade 100% human hair that has been subjected to a more basic production process. It’s one of the most cost-effective options and remains a top seller in the hair industry because of its quality and price.

AAA Grade

AAA grade is human hair that is more conditioned and designed to be longer lasting than A grade. AAA grade is processed to handle more washes yet remain soft, shiny, and healthy for longer.

Premium Grade

Premium grade is the highest-quality processed human hair that is available at Superior Hair. Premium-grade Remy hair has strength and quality that are very similar to Virgin hair and can last up to a year with proper care. The hair under this category has been gently coloured to bring you a wide variety of natural-looking hair colours.


4. Installation

The hairstylist you choose is just as important as the hair extension itself. Why? Because the fixation method and placement skills will affect how naturally your extensions will blend with your natural mane, no matter the hair texture. You need to work with a professional who knows how to apply and remove extensions professionally to avoid hair damage. Colour experience is also a must. An inaccurate colour match will make your extensions obvious. Another non-negotiable is their experience in haircuts. After extensions are put in, you’ll need a haircut that can make your extensions more natural and seamless-looking, with layers that naturally blend your own hair with your new hair.

Get premium quality hair extensions from Superior Hair

Not all human hair extensions are designed the same, but what matters most is choosing one that’s most suitable for your hair type. At Superior Hair, we offer a wide range of high-quality hair extensions that allow you to achieve gorgeous and natural-looking locks. Our extensions are 100% ethically sourced and come smoothly out of the box – ready as they are or can be styled as you pleased! Our team can also help you find the perfect shade with our expert colour matching service to make sure your extensions are as natural-looking as possible.


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